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The Possible Class have provided an excellent service, delivering engaging, high-quality architecture and design programmes, which have been very well received by our students and school community. Their coaches have been reliable, consistently providing engaging lessons along with timely and helpful feedback to our students to guide them towards the next steps of their learning.

UWCSEA East Campus

I got to create and design more in the Arkki workshop than any other programme I have ever gone to.

A big thanks to the coaches of The Possible Class for helping me make models and teaching me about plants and greens!

Eva Choo

9 years old
I have always found the coaches to be highly professional and extremely well organised. They have a loyal following of students who enrol in this activity regularly. This is testament to Shoo Shyuan and her team of coaches who make the sessions fun and engaging; suitable for any student that want to gain hands-on experience in architecture and design. The quality of the lesson planning, structure and materials is undoubtedly one of the best ECAs we offer to our students.

Canadian International School

Lakeside Campus, Singapore
Arkki was able to simplify the complexity of architecture to the level where the students were able to grasp and not be overwhelmed. They were able to help the students visualize the concept of scale and proportion so that they are able to design and create their 3D model.

The trainers were very professional and encouraging. They were able to engage the students in experiential learning. They helped to broaden the students’ imaginative space with many real-life examples and taught them creative problem-solving skills.

CCA Innovators Club Teachers-in-charge

Primary School, Singapore
Reflections from Secondary 3 Students, Anderson Secondary School (Learning by Design Programme)
The workshop was really well thought out and planned so that we get enough discussion time and also hands on time! It was really well-balanced in overall.

I learnt more about my sector and how to work with different sectors to create the best plan possible. I also learnt how to work together with others and bring our plan from 2D to 3D!

Arkki - Talent Development Design Workshop Participant

Year 4, Junior High Student
Future Town
I learnt about the importance of working together with others, even if we have different views on the end product. We should always come to compromises, and should never be closed minded in design. After all, I find that inspiration drawn in the process should always take precedence over the dogmatic plans of the initial design.

Arkki - Future Town Workshop Participant

Year 3, Secondary School Student
The Arkki coaches used an innovative approach to deliver content to my students, drawing inspiration from architecture concepts and principles. It was effective in capturing their attention, promoting collaboration and also facilitating their understanding of the importance of each sector in a functioning city.

Arkki - Learning By Design Workshop

HOD Teacher, Anderson Secondary School
The delivery of content was clear and systematic. The trainers attempted to get my students to engage with the content in a novel and refreshing way that required them to take on roles in different sectors and think of how they could contribute their ideas within their own sectors…

As my students began to grasp the relevance of architecture concepts and principles in their own lives, they displayed increased enthusiasm and became more participative.
The transformation in their attitudes reflects the programme's ability to ignite a passion for learning and encourage active student involvement…

The programme’s success also lies in its ability to tap into my students’ creativity, stimulate their critical thinking and foster a sense of ownership over their own learning journey.

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Ting-Ting Zhang

Zhang Ting-Ting


Master of Architecture,Cornell University
MBA, Oxford


A seasoned regional executive, Ting-Ting began her career as an architect with Zaha Hadid Architects before transitioning into global sourcing and business development roles at fashion retail conglomerate Li & Fung and tech startup Easy PNP. Currently the CEO at the Singapore Fashion Council, Ting-Ting brings innovation to the design sector and continues to contribute to creative education for youth and professionals.