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Looking for the perfect workshop to ignite your creativity or elevate your skills? Look no further! Welcome to our diverse range of workshops designed to empower individuals, teams and classrooms.

From leadership development, communication skills to creative expression, our programmes are designed to meet the unique needs of individuals of all ages, schools and teams of all sizes, both from the private and public sectors.


Professional Development

Corporate Workshops

Unlock your team's hidden potential with our dynamic creative thinking and sustainability-themed programmes or events. We facilitate innovative problem-solving, idea generation, and encourage a collaborative mindset that drives tangible results.

Corporate Workshop
Sustain A City Ecosperity Temasek
Me and My Sculpture
The Possible Class
Curriculum Enrichment

School Programmes

Nurture the next generation of responsible innovators through our long-term programmes or thematic workshops! Our programmes cultivate critical and creative thinking, collaboration, and instil a strong understanding and commitment to sustainability.

Explore your Creative Potential

Individual Classes for Adults

Escape the grind and unleash your creativity with our unique workshops. Perfect for weekend or afterwork relaxation and bonding, our sessions blend creative thinking and design. Let our professional coaches guide you through the process of creating stunning models and tangible masterpieces. Reconnect with yourself and discover a new way to unwind!
The Possible Class
The Possible Class
Arkki TPC
From Young Minds to Design Masterminds

Individual Classes for Youth

Is your child ready to dive into a world of hands-on creativity, design, and innovation? These classes for youth are the perfect adventure for them who love to explore and create!

Each season introduces fresh, age-appropriate projects that keep the excitement and learning alive. Whether it’s their first time or they’re returning for another season, there’s always something new to discover!

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Ready to unlock your potential? Our creative and design coaches are excited to work alongside you and witness your journey to a 'possible mindset'!

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Ting-Ting Zhang

Zhang Ting-Ting


Master of Architecture,Cornell University
MBA, Oxford


A seasoned regional executive, Ting-Ting began her career as an architect with Zaha Hadid Architects before transitioning into global sourcing and business development roles at fashion retail conglomerate Li & Fung and tech startup Easy PNP. Currently the CEO at the Singapore Fashion Council, Ting-Ting brings innovation to the design sector and continues to contribute to creative education for youth and professionals.